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5 Football Must-Watch Tournaments

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5 Football Must-Watch Tournaments

Premier League

When talking about football tournaments, especially club tournaments, the Premier League is a natural first choice. It is broadcast around the world across many football channels. As it draws near to the much-anticipated final, audiences are entertained and thrilled by the performances of the teams. The title holders, Manchester City are currently in the lead, but Liverpool are hot on their heels with just one point between them.

If you have missed any of the action so far, there are a number of UK channels where to watch football on tv. No matter whether you’re a fan of City, Tottenham, Arsenal or any other Premier League team, be sure to check out the football schedule so as not to miss what is expected to be an intense conclusion to the tournament.


Germany shares the European title of most World Cup wins with Italy, so their main football club tournament is definitely worth watching. The Bundesliga showcases the best German strategy and execution in football, which is extremely entertaining to watch. Several football channels can bring you the live action directly to your living room.

Will Bayern Munich, the tournament’s defending champions, succeed in winning a record 28th title? Or will Dortmund who currently has as many points, steal the title from them? RB Leipzig, Borussia Monchengladbach, and Eintracht Frankfurt are trailing behind, but it takes one surprising comeback or result for the standings to change completely. The best way to ensure that you don’t miss out on the latest football listings is to watch the games live, wherever you are.

Serie A

Nothing rivals the passion the Italians have for football, and there’s no better place to experience it other than the Serie A. This spectacle of sport is broadcast around the world through various football channelswhich have secured the rights to air the action. Juventus, the defending champions, have been doing a lot of things right, and are currently enjoying a considerable lead over their opponents.

Napoli, Milan, and Inter are performing well, but do they have what it takes to beat the most successful football club in Italy? One thing is certain, there is still a lot to be played for. Fortunately, you can catch all the upcoming football events on TV.

Champions League

If you’re in the mood for an international football event then check out this year’s Champions League, where the top European talent battles it out for the place of the supreme victor.

It has been a momentous competition so far, with Porto, Bayern, and Barcelona topping the group standings. If past tournaments are anything to go by, nothing is certain, and the defending champions, Real Madrid, will be doing their utmost to make this their 14th title win.

If you’re looking for UK channels where to watch football on TV, then look no further than Sky Sport or BT Sport. These stations provide you with live matches followed by highlights and expert commentary.

Copa Libertadores

The main South American club tournament, the Copa Libertadores, is a great opportunity to watch upcoming stars play in their home colours.

Numerous European legends began their life in football playing for clubs in their home country, and where spotted whilst performing in the Copa Libertadores. This is where you will be able to witness the rise of the stars who will play for Brazil, Argentina, and other South American teams in the next World Cup.

Although in its early stages, the tournament has already provided exciting moments for its fans. The Argentina title defenders, Club Atletico River Plate have not started on the best footing, but it is still too early in the tournament to say what will happen next.

The best thing to do is to check the football schedule and watch the action as it unfolds.


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