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During your menopause journey, the body is at its best when it has adequate amounts of the nutrients it needs.  

Whether obtained through your daily diet or dietary supplements, specific nutrients can support your health and wellness during the menopausal transition and may even help ease some of your symptoms.

Without a doubt, B vitamins are among the most important nutrients to consider during menopause. Contributing to everything from energy production to brain function, the B vitamins play a vital role in some of your body’s most important processes.

So, what exactly is vitamin B, and what kind of health benefits does it offer, specifically as it relates to menopause? Keep reading to learn more.

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If you've ever struggled to manage your stress levels, you may not be aware that research shows Vitamin B6 has many "anti-stress" properties. More specifically, B6 plays a protective role in shielding us from the harmful effects of psychological and biological stress, which can result in conditions like diabetes, depression, and heart disease in the long run.

While true vitamin B6 deficiency is rare, there are many people who may benefit from increasing the B6 levels, including those with inflammatory conditions.

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Low vitamin B6 intake may contribute to cognitive decline in older adults, while other B vitamins do not show the same effects, according to a new follow-up study in Northern Ireland. Researchers from Northern Ireland and Ireland contacted participants aged 60 and over from a previous study into B vitamin...

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