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Nap Vs Coffee: The Science Behind Sleep-Coffee Hack

Nap Vs Coffee: The Science Behind Sleep-Coffee Hack

I know what you’re thinking. Hang on…a company that sells coffee commenting on the importance of sleep? Caffeine is probably the most frequently used sleep-blocker in the world, isn’t it? Most of us depend on it to wake up, to make ourselves less sleepy. To try to stay alert and on tip-top form during our busy working days.

Coffee has become a lifestyle. It’s so popular there are literally hundreds of songs about it. Absolute belters from some of the greats, too: Ella Fitzgerald, Otis Redding, Dylan, Sinatra. Johnny Cash even yodelled about our favourite hot beverage (no, really). Even Bob Marley sings “one cup of coffee, then I’ll go”. Bob just gets it.

As a nation, we’re obsessed.

But you know what else we’re pretty keen on? Sleep.

When you’re feeling the lag and losing your energy during the day, what’s the better remedy?

To Nap or to Caffeinate, that is the question.

Should we take a tip from our European friends and adopt the siesta? Or is it more beneficial to chug a cup of coffee to bring you back to life?

It’s an interesting question.

The interesting answer: do both.

What if we told you that everything you thought about sleep and coffee was wrong, and that combining your coffee with a snuggly little nap is the secret to all day success?

Studies in Japan over the last decade have argued in favour of a brilliant hybrid ingeniously named ‘The Coffee Nap’ (who thought of that?). This magic unicorn method tells us to drink a cup of coffee and then take a 20-30 minute power nap. As the effects of caffeine ingestion appear to kick in 30 minutes or so after consumption, you’ll wake up from your nap feeling more alert and bright-eyed, without the fear of impending sluggishness later on.

The science says so

There have been many studies into the effectiveness of the combination of caffeine + nap undertaken around the world. One of the notable UK studies was carried out by Loughborough University in the late 90’s looking at the caffeine nap as a means to counteracting driver sleepiness. It’s the reason you see motorway signs telling you to stop and have a coffee and a sleep if you feel yourself getting tired. How does it work? When caffeine passes through your bloodstream and into your brain, it fills receptors that are usually filled with adenosine. Adenosine is an inhibitory neurotransmitter – it promotes sleep. The levels of adenosine rise each hour that you’re awake. When you drink your coffee, the caffeine is competing with the adenosine in your body. However, sleep naturally clears adenosine from the brain. So when you have that short nap, you reduce your levels, and the caffeine doesn’t have quite the competition, making it more able to do its job.

Nifty little trick, right?

So we’re thinking, what about a Nootropic coffee nap?

With 6 nootropic ingredients working alongside the Arabica Beans, it’s not just the caffeine working to keep you alert. All of our nootropics work to boost your energy, concentration, focus and mood.

Find out more about the properties of our 6 nootropics, take a look at the science behind our coffee.

That’s a whole new take on a power nap.

Shall we give it a go?

Already tried it? Did you find, upon awakening, that you’d turned into a superhero? Let us know!


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