Alpha-GPC reverses scopolamine-induced amnesia and improves learning i – Meno Angel

Alpha-GPC reverses scopolamine-induced amnesia and improves learning in young and old rats.

Abstract Title: Molecular mechanisms mediating the effects of L-alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine, a new cognition- enhancing drug, on behavioural and biochemical parameters in young and aged rats.

Abstract Source: Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 1992 Sep;43(1):139-​-51. NCBI Public Medical Research PMID: 1409797

Abstract Author(s): G Schettini, C Ventra, T Florio, M Grimaldi, O Meucci, A Scorziello, A Postiglione, A Marino

CONCLUSION: These results show that alpha-GPC improves the performance of animals in both active and passive conditioning tasks. Furthermore, subchronic treatment with the compound enhances in young and restores in aged animals the transduction of the signal, namely, the receptor- mediated production of inositol phosphate and the potassium-​induced calcium mobilization. These modifications may represent at least part of the molecular mechanism of action of the compound."

Article Published Date: Sep 01, 1992


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