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Strength to Believe

From Addict to Nootropics Pioneer

Hi I am Gareth Jones, the son of a working class family.  I grew up with an outside toilet. I didn’t use Facebook until I was 45. I’m probably the least likely e-commerce entrepreneur on the planet.  Yet, somehow (with the help of a few “angels”) I created something that is changing people’s lives and loved by everyone from boxer Anthony Crolla to world-class mindset coach Vinny Shoreman. 

If anything, the last 2+ decades have taught me you aren’t the stories you tell yourself.  Those stories play over and over in your mind like a broken record as a kind of self-defense mechanism.  But they’re not you.  Through triumphs and trials, I’ve learned how to overcome those imaginary boundaries and forge my own destiny.  I’ve discovered the secret to a limitless life, and by the time you finish reading this page, you’ll know it too.  But first, here’s how I went from professional sports player to alcoholic and addict…

The Secret to Achieving

You can’t find it in a book or a podcast… You can’t find it in at the bottom of a bottle… You can’t find it in anybody else… Because the truth is, it’s already inside of you. It’s hardwired into your DNA. You’re stronger - and smarter - than you think. All because of one thing: Your mind.

Power of Your Own Mind

Whether you’re wrangling kids, gunning for a big promotion at work, or simply striving to achieve your peak potential across the board, it all starts inside your mind.  You have the choice every day to decide the life you want.  The only thing stopping you are the limits put there by your own imagination. 

Instant Genius Coffee

I created Instant Genius Coffee (and now matcha) as a new way for on-the-go people to naturally improve their focus and concentration, memory and mental energy, and overall brain health and processing power.  Now you can get it without the years of trial and error I had to endure.

Why 2+2+2=10

I believe Instant Genius contains the most potent and effective blend of ingredients on the market. Through the “synergistic” effect of all 100% natural nootropic ingredients compounded, you’ll experience incredible results - without any jitters. (And no, we’re not still making it in our kitchen… although the road to find an FDA approved manufacturer is another story for another day ;))


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