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L-​Theanine is an amino acid which mostly found in tea leaves and used commonly used to improve mood and lower stress. It plays a vital role in Instant Genius CoffeeTM because of its ability activate the neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine and Gaba, that have a calming effect.

The result is to simultaneously increase focus and concentration without any harsh jittery side effects. This creates a calm but focus feeling which is deal whilst studying, problem solving and creative work. It has been essential ingredient in our search to provide a “clear head and clean energy”.

  • Increases focus and improves memory 
  • Improves mood and lowers stress 
  • Strong antioxidant The Effects of L-​-Theanine on attention and reaction time response. 

Abstract Author(s): Akiko Higashiyama, , Hla Hla Htay, , Makoto Ozeki, , Lekh R. Juneja, , Mahendra P. Kapoor, Abstract Source: Journal of Functional Foods Volume 3, Issue 3, July 2011, Pages 171–178


CONCLUSION: “Results evidently demonstrated that L-​-theanine clearly has a pronounced effect on attention performance and reaction time response in normal healthy subjects prone to have high anxiety.”

Article Published Date: July 2011


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