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Game ONN for Menopause

How Menopause Changes the Brain

The scan to the left shows brain activity (e.g., metabolism) in a premenopausal woman; the scan to the right shows brain activity in a postmenopausal woman. The color scale reflects brain activity, with brighter colors indicating more activity, and darker colors indicating lower activity. The scan to the right (menopause) looks 'greener' and overall darker, which means that the woman's brain has substantially lower brain activity (more than 30 percent less) than the one to the left (no signs of menopause).

You may not think this is for you, but rest assured there will be a woman in your life that is affected by menopause, so be prepared for why women become more forgetful and are less productive than men as they age and more likely to suffer from memory problems.

Memory & Cognition

Understanding Brain Fog during Menopause

Perimenopause is the time in your life when you hormone levels start to decline, usually when you're in your mid-to late forties, however it can happen in your late 30's. A variety of symptoms; Hot flashes, weight gain and brain fog start to show up as your body produces less oestrogen, progesterone and the related female hormones.

Once you officially enter menopause many of the symptoms are alleviated.  The "Brain Fog" though? This one can stick around.

Sixty percent of women experience cognition issues, like short-term memory loss or fuzzy thinking.  In some cases, it can be so severe, it causes concerns, especially if you are aware of a family history.  And those concerns are valid, since MRIs reveal increasing brain deterioration in women after menopause.  In fact, during the transition between perimenopause and menopause, women's brain work 25-30% less efficiently.


GAME ONN® is the optimum formula for adults seeking to ensure positive Health and Wellbeing supporting memory, verbal communication, alertness, mental clarity and positive mood.


GAME ONN® nootropics increase productivity at work through heightened focus, and the ability to multitask under stressful situations, without feeling wired.

The Ultimate Supplement

This powerful formula was created to help you find balance in today’s modern world.

Game ONN combines the best ingredients with proven science to help you feel your absolute best every day.


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Nine peer-reviewed ingredients:

200mcg HUPERZINE A 1%


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The Science behind GAME ONN®

GAME ONN® increases Dopamine, proven to result in greater focus, concentration, memory, reaction times and reflexes.


GAME ONN® ensures high levels of Acetylcholine (the neurotransmitter essential for improving learning memory). It improves communication between cells resulting in greater cognition and also includes a cholinesterase inhibitor to block the breakdown of acetylcholine which ensures a much longer nootropic effect.


GAME ONN® improves blood flow, promoting an energising effect, improving memory and recent research also shows positive effects on vision.


GAME ONN® contains adaptogens to naturally boost mental and physical energy but also fights fatigue, lowers stress and helps with recovery and is Neuroprotective.

Serving Suggestions

Serving size 3 capsules

New Users; may wish to assess tolerance with 1 to 2 capsules.


30 servings, 90 capsules per bottle.


To be taken as a dietary supplement (not in place of food) with 8-12 fl oz of water 45 minutes before exercise or when increased focus & concentration are required.

Note: 150 mg of Caffeine per serving.


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