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Five tell-tail signs you need more Vitamin D

Five tell-tail signs you need more Vitamin D

In the UK 1 in 5 adults have insufficient levels of Vitamin D.  This means it's highly likely you will be displaying some of the common symptoms of deficiency and not even realise it.

1. Frequent Infections

Do yo usually pick up viruses that you can't shake off Vitamin D is vital to a healthy immune system.  Without sufficient amounts, our immune cells are unable to react properly leaving us more susceptible to infection.

2. Feeling Down

Do you feel low, particularly in autumn/winter? Vitamin D is understood to play a key role in maintaining health levels of the "Happy Hormone" serotonin in the brain.

3. Always Tired

Vitamin D is essential for converting food into energy.  If you are always tired, lack of Vitamin D could mean you are not absorbing nutrients from food and your body's ability to make energy from what you eat is compromised.

4. Aching Muscles

Muscle aches are often one of the first signs of a deficiency.  Vitamin D supports muscle function because receptors are found all over the body, including in the muscles.  Vitamin D enters muscle cells when metabolised, enhancing muscle contractions, it is vital for preventing falls and building muscle strength and bones through exercise.

5. Aching Joints & Bones

Vitamin D is essential to help regulate calcium & phosphate levels around the body, adequate levels help reduce osteoporosis (loss of bone density) and osteomalacia (soft bones) in later life, experienced more in women as they approach menopause.


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