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Lion's Mane mushroom has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to improve cognitive function, boost the immune system and reduce inflammation. Recently, there has been growing interest in the potential of Lion's Mane mushroom to alleviate the symptoms of menopause.

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As we age, we all go through a lot of changes. How these changes impact our body and mind often depend on factors like heredity and gender. For women, menopause represents a significant time of change. Our hormone levels fluctuate, impacting everything from mood to our weight.  Our energy levels may decrease and our sleep is often interrupted.  It can be a challenging time.

We each have to find solutions that work for our unique circumstances. I like to start with a natural approach to health issues. Finding the right solutions can be overwhelming.

"Fortunately, I found a natural option with incredible health benefits - Lion's Mane."


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If adaptogens have been on your radar, you might have come to know about functional mushrooms. Lion’s mane is treasured as a culinary delicacy in many parts of Asia, and has attracted further attention for its role as a functional food to promote health and is used around the world by athletes.

Did you know, mushrooms can do more than fuel your workout?

They can aid in your exercise recovery.

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Alzheimer's disease, Brain Fog, cognitive function, Estrogen, Halo, Hericium erinaceum, Lion's Mane mushroom, Memory, Oestrogen -

Easily grown at home, and a relatively inexpensive therapeutic food, Lion's Mane is a beautiful mushroom with cascading spines instead of gills that shows potential in slowing the progression of neurological disorders -- including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease. Research has also found the mushroom to be beneficial in treating symptomatic...

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